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Hello WinExp!,

Today a video about the history of Microsoft Windows.
This is another video than other ones because I speak in the video and I hope my pronunciation is correct, haha. I repeated sometimes with some words. But I feel I can do it.

Let me know in the comments which way is better:

- Microphone
- Texts

It was a trial because to make my video less boring.

Anyway, I explain to you every "Word" version step by step.
So which updates there are and new feautures.!

These are all versions of Microsoft Windows Word:
- Word 1.0 (1989)
- Word 2.0 (1991)
- Word 6.0 (1993)
- Word 95 (1995)
- Word 97 (1997)
- Word 2000 (1999)
- Word 2003 (2003)
- Word 2007 (2007)
- Word 2010 (2010)
- Word 2013 (2013)
- Word 2016 (2015)
- Word 2019 (2018)

There are also versions with DOS and Macintosh.. that I take in another video separately.

Thank you for this request, Any Ideas throw it in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed the video and a lot of nostalgia.
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Windows Expert!
Lucas Pineda : 2007 office - You can still do what you want but please activate it
2010 office - same as 2007
2013 office old - same as 2010
2013 office new - You cant change me
2016 office - same as 2013
2019 office - same as 2016
Lucas Pineda : For office 2013 lovers
Go to account - click office theme and white
Lucas Pineda : You forgot one feature on office 2019
3d pictures
eizzat4RBLX : Word 1.0:Windows 1.0 and Windows 2.0
Word 2.0:Windows 3.0
Word 6.0:Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 3.1
Word 95:Windows 95
Word 97:Windows NT 5.0
Word 2000:Windows Neptune
Word XP:Windows XP and Windows Whistler
Word 2003:Windows Server 2003
Word 2007:Windows Vista
Word 2010:Windows 7 Windows Server 2008
Word 2013:Windows 8.1
Word 2016:Windows Server 2016
Word 2019:Windows Server 2019
earth ONE : Microsoft hieroglyphics came out first. Was big in Egypt back in the day
OUTFiT7 PLAYER : Maybe you mean "History of Microsoft office Word"
vico panca : My favorite is word 2007, but now i use 2019 :D
Jakub Sedlák : Why do you make videos in English if you don't speak it?
LeenTom 64 : I can’t understand your voice your mumbling
Unown the Anonymus : I use word 2013 on windows 7

Microsoft Office 2000 (1999) - Time Travel

Thanks to Ken Choo for the suggestion!
On the 10th episode of Time Travel, we go back to 1999, to take a brief look at Microsoft Office 2000. Office 2000 included a few new features compared to the previous versions, with the main notable things being under the hood. There is, however, a feature called Object Linking and Embedding, which makes it easier to copy data between Office Programs. Office 2000 came in 5 editions, starting at $249. It was designed to be fully 32-bit, and ready for the year 2000.
More on Office 2000
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Some materials in this video are used under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, which allows "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, and research.
Zander Blake : office xp run's on 95
pan koza : I still use Office 2000 on my Windows XP, my windows 7 and my Windows 8.1 in 2020
Wonpyo Kim : 2:55
Diostillrocks : Office 2000. Worse Office ever.
Zeles : Would it run on XP?
Dom Warden : Still use Office 2000. Works perfectly with the Office 2007 compatibility patch
Elma Dordas : Can u do Microsoft 2019?
Coke Fan 2000 : I used office 2000 in xp!
YusufT19 : Now known as Microsoft Office 1999
Aleks Ruskov : What is the product key?




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